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ALLPlate2D - A post-processing tool to extract results from Plaxis analysis

ALLPlate2D is a post-processing tool that automatically extracts results from a Plaxis 2D analysis, generating professional charts and comprehensive tables for the design of retaining walls in deep excavation projects.

Automatic extraction of Plaxis 2D analysis results

ALLPlate2D can automatically extract the Plaxis 2D analysis results for all the plate elements within the model and present the results in professional charts and tables which can be directly used in the design report or for the presentation. It is very useful for the analysis and design for various deep excavation problems where the retaining walls are modelled with plate elements.

Creating multiple plate elements for displaying deformation and structural force results

The extracted results will be stored in a single data file. Multiple plate elements (retaining walls) can be selected for displaying the deformation and structural force results. This makes it very easy for the users to view or present the results for different plate elements if multiple retaining walls (vertical plate elements) are included in the model.

Plaxis 2D result plots for the selected analysis stages

ALLPlate2D will generate the chart for the results of displacement, bending moment, shear force and axial force for the selected analysis stages. The users can decide to include or exclude any analysis stages for the result plot. This feature is very useful for comparing the results among different stages.

Define the load factor and spacing factor for Plaxis 2D results

The load factor and spacing factor can be defined by the users for the selected stages. The load factor can be adopted as per the requirements in the design standards. The spacing factor can be defined for soldier piled walls, contiguous bored pile wall, secant pile wall or diaphragm wall. Therefore, the results from Plaxis 2D (per meter run) can be multiplied by the load factor and spacing factor to get the actual design actions for structural capacity design.

Download link and online manual for ALLPlate2D Program

At present, the ALLPlate2D program is available for download through the following link for individuals interested in utilizing this straightforward tool for routine design purposes in their deep excavation problem analysis and design work using the Plaxis 2D program.

The online manual can be found from the link below:

If you have any inquiries or recommendations regarding this program, kindly send an email to



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