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PileLAT - Design and analysis for single piles under lateral loading 

PileLAT is a finite-element based program that analyzes the behaviour of laterally loaded piles (Single piles mainly under lateral loading) based on automatically generated nonlinear p-y curves for various soil and rock types. 



Main Benefits


Fast and efficient creation of lateral force analysis problem for single piles


The user-friendly interface enables the user to efficiently create the analysis input file for single piles under lateral loading with a logical workflow. It also provides the overview of ground profile and calculated deflection, shear force and bending moment along the pile. 

PileLAT 2.5 Main GUI.PNG


Easy input of p-y curve parameters for various soil and rock materials


Various p-y curve parameters for soil and rock materials can be easily input by the users based on the material type. The program will automatically determine the parameters based on the material type and strength. Advanced options are also available to users who want to have more control over p-y curves. In total, 21 p-y curve models for various soil and rock materials are available in PileLAT for users to choose. 

PileLAT Material Model.PNG


A simple way to access and view all the analysis results on one window dialog

All analysis results such as deflection, shear force, bending moment and soil reaction can be accessed from one window dialog. The users can easily switch between different result plots for different load cases. 



P-y curves for any node point along the pile can be easily displayed with a simple click


Nonlinear p-y curves for any node point along the pile length can be displayed and copied once the analysis is successfully completed. The detailed calculation information at the selected node position can be queried by the users. 



Various loading conditions can be specified at pile head


The loads including the specified horizontal displacement or rotation can be applied to the pile head. The vertical force also can be applied and P-Delta effects can be analyzed by the program.   

Define pile load.PNG
PileLAT Define Pile Head Load.PNG


Partial factor for loads and materials

Partial factors can be applied to soil strength and external loads as per the design requirements in Eurocode 7 (BS EN 1997). Different partial factors can be defined by the users and adopted in the analysis for any load cases.  

PileLAT Partial Factors Eurocode.png


Viewing analysis results in 3D

PileLAT analysis results can be viewed in 3D. The 3D displaying items include deflection, rotation, bending moment, shear force, soil reaction, ultimate lateral resistance, soil spring, and bending stiffness. 

Single Piles and Pile Groups under General Loading
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