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HASP Driver Installation

License keys for our products are based on Thales Sentinel HASP technology. The HASP driver needs to be installed on the computers to ensure that the license key can be accessed by the users.


This demonstrates the following procedures of installing the specific HASP driver on Windows systems:

Step 1: Make sure that you have administrative permissions to install the HASP driver. If you don't have these on the system, please ask your system administrator to install the HASP driver for you.

Step 2: Download the latest specific HASP driver from this link.

Step 3: Unzip/Extract the downloaded file.

Step 4: Open a Command Box (cmd.exe) and go to the extraction location.

Step 5: Execute the following command as per the example shown in the figure below (note that the file of haspdinst.exe was copied to the desktop folder in this example):

              haspdinst.exe -i

hasp driver install command line.png

After installation, you should be able to access the following website on the system (copy and paste to the browser address bar):



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