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ALLCPT - CPT Data Interpretation Tool

ALLCPT is a CPT (Cone Penetration Test) data interpretation tool which can be used to import and process CPT raw data, estimate a wide range of soil parameters and present the results in both tables and graphics. 



Main Benefits


Fast and efficient importing of CPT data in different formats 


A wide range of CPT raw data files are supported in ALLCPT program and can be imported and processed. The supported file formats include *.TXT, *.DAT, *.GEF, *.CSV and *.COR.


Simple program layout for CPT interpretation result plots and CPT data 

Various CPT interpretation result plots are presented in the main chart area. The individual plot can be selected by the users. The detailed CPT data are presented in the table below the main plot. Multiple CPT files are managed in the section of "List of CPT Data". In total, more than 30 different soil parameters are interpreted and presented. 



Easy view for multiple CPT interpretation result plots 

It is very simple and easy to plot multiple CPT interpretation results in ALLCPT for various parameter estimations. 

Multiple CPT result plots Effective Firc


Cyclic Liquefaction Analysis Tool 


ALLCPT presents a cyclic liquefaction analysis tool to assess the liquefaction potential due to cyclic loading 

ALLCPT Liquefaction Interface.PNG


Pile Capacity Analysis Design Tools 


Pile capacity analysis based on LCPC method and pile settlement analysis based on Fleming's approach for piles.



Static Liquefaction Analysis Tool 


Liquefaction can occur due to two reasons: first, due to cyclic loading where the effective pressure on top can become zero during the loading process, and second, due to loss of shear strength caused by strain softening, which is known as flow or static liquefaction (Robertson 2006, Jefferies and Been 2006).


ALLCPT program provides a flow liquefaction analysis tool which can be used to assess the liquefaction potential based on the imported CPT data.

ALLCPT Static Liquefaction Interface.PNG


Export into Plaxis CPT Input File Format 


The imported CPT file can be exported into Plaxis CPT input file format and therefore the soil layers can be easily created in Plaxis model based on the CPT records.



Soil Behaviour Type Plots

Soil behaviour type plots such as SBTn (Robertson, 2009), Modified SBTn (Robertson, 2016) and Q(1-Bq)+1 versus FR plots (Jefferies and Been, 2006 and 2015) are available in the program. 

Single Piles and Pile Groups under General Loading
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