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PileGroup Updates

The latest version of PileGroup is Version 2.4 which has been released in June 2022 and can be downloaded from the links below. 

Please ensure that you download the program with the correct license type. 


Standalone License

For the program with the standalone license, a license file will be provided to activate the program. The activation instruction will be included in the email from us once the order is confirmed. 

Flexible License


As for the program with the flexible license, a C2V file will need to be generated using RUS Utility Tool which can be downloaded from the link of "RUS Tool Download" above. You can start the INGeotechRUS.exe executable from the extracted file. Go to the Collect Status Information Tab. 

INGeotech RUSTool.png

At the bottom of RUS Tool dialog, you select one of the following options to collect information and generate the C2V file:

  1. Update of existing protection key

  2. Installation of new protection key

Click "Collect Information" will open a pop-up window where you can choose the location to save the C2V file. 

You will need to email the C2V file to and we will generate the license file of V2C file and email to you. 

Once you receive the V2C file from us, you can go to the "Apply License File" tab, select the V2C file in the "Update File" box and click "Apply Update" to activate the license. 

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